Summer Prep in your step

by Misty Weatherford

Hello lovelies,

Happy June! I hate to say it, but we have just one more month of break, ahh!!! Next year I will be teaching: ASL 1 & 2, American history hybrid, and a regular, as well as three sections of middle school world history. Whew! I did it to myself. I am not sure I was thinking about doing all of that, and IVF in the same year! Now we are at the point in our IVF process where we are looking at the “right” insemination date, which who knows what is best? I sure don’t! As of now, we are planning on August. Which means, four months of maternity leave.

Other than that, I have started a garden this summer! My hubs and I have been really striving to go back to our roots. We are both hugely into eating healthy, working out, and spending time together. Post pandemic, we really want to be able to sustainably thrive. Which means that what you get is content right from my homestead, click here for my YouTube channel. I am so stoked to share that journey with you all!

Also, I have been updating my Teachers Pay Teachers store, you can get access right here for over 100 social studies and sign language lessons made for a teacher by yours truly! If you are planning on some topics that I do not currently have, please comment here what you are looking for, use the contact me link, or reach out via TPT, I am always looking for new content options!

Please let me know how I can be praying for you for this summer or upcoming school year!

Blessings my friends!


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