4 Ways to stay healthy during COVID Teaching

by Misty Weatherford

I know you are tired, and you are doing Amazing things for these kids right now! Keep pushing forward 🙂

I am a full time teacher, and my full time teaching life keeps me physically and mentally busy and most times exhausted!! This blog works to help people in a similar part of their lives, and today’s post is about finding ways to workout, around the craziness of teaching life.

Here is what my schedule looks like currently:

I am hybrid teaching currently. If you haven’t had to “enjoy” this side of COVID Teaching yet, let me tell you what that looks like for me. My content that I am able to teach effectively to my 9th/10th graders is cut in half. I do have a choice of what I teach, which is awesome, but I hate picking and choosing through content that I adore.

I had planned to cover all seven continents in my geography class this year, but with sporadic closures, I will have to use my world history class to catch up on Europe, Asia and Antarctica. Which isn’t terrible, it’s the same kids, but I was trying to do a strictly geography class before break and then a world history class after Christmas break. COVID however, had different plans this year.

So what does working out with a teachers schedule look like? It definitely depends on what your preference is: group workouts, home workouts, or gym workouts.

For me, I teach in the country, with the closest gym 30-45 minutes from home. So going to a gym, while I love being in a gym, that just does not work for me. (But I fully support that)

1. Hire a fitness coach: Getting to a workout, doing it and having someone to cheer you on in your journey is a godsend! Especially as busy teachers!!

2. Lock your door and turn on your favorite workout through your projector: This is my favorite option. I tend to lock my door, put a sign up that I am working out and leave my number on the door for anyone to text me, if they need me. If you don’t have a favorite workout, I love beach body on demand and my favorite coach has a link, right here for you!

3. Use your school gym for free in the am: before the kids get there.  Now depending on your comfort level, this only works for me on lifting days, where I don’t get all sweaty. But most schools have a shower if you want it. That is something I am warming up to!

4. Group workouts with your teachers and/or kids (after-school): I serve a smaller population of kids, so having my kids workout could easily also be COVID friendly and fun.

Working out does not have to be hard. I personally feel like I build it up in my mind, and then don’t accomplish it, because it is this “big” deal. When really it is all about making the time for you.

Remember working out is NOT just for your physical health, but also your mental health. Having a healthy mindset helps in our everyday life and mindset in how we handle our classrooms everyday.

Which one did you like best? And how will you implement it this week or next?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Loves and hugs,


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