Are you Teacher Tired?

by Misty Weatherford

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Are you teacher tired?

Because there is tired and then there are days when I can’t wait to get home into something comfy, watch a show/play call of duty or sims and/or cuddle chickens or pups.

I feel like I am having more and more of those mentally exhausted days during COVID teaching. But why? What makes this new form of teaching so exhausting? Well it’s different, it makes us use and learn new things constantly, and we are having to figure out what teaching in a mask, from home, or both looks like. That is A LOT!!

Regardless of whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned teacher, I get it, I see your struggle and you are worth the time in spending a little time on yourself daily!

But What does that look like?

It looks like consistency. I have to write it down in my to-do list, how I am going to spend a little time on me each day. I also love marking it off that it has been accomplished and reflecting at bedtime!

It’s not easy! As teachers we are givers, creators, planners, and we wear so many more hats. But The most important hat you will ever wear, is your self care hat! 

Love you bunches, & Happy Last week in October!



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