Side Hustles From Home

by Misty Weatherford
Dog Walking

Are you looking for side hustles from home? I have got five ideas that you can do on top of your full time teaching job, that I have tried and tested for you! Because whether you are trying to pay off debt, or just need or want a little side cash, these side hustles are for you.

1. My first recommendation for making extra money is: Teachers Pay Teachers.

As teachers, we create so much! We are constantly inventing methods, lessons, and systems to make our teaching life a little easier. So why not profit off of it? Below is how much I made last year in sales from Teachers Pay Teachers. Could it be more? Absolutely, I didn’t do much with my store last year. So I made this in completely passive income. Meaning I didn’t have to do anything with it, and I just made it.

Sales from Teachers Pay TeachersThe potential on Teachers Pay Teachers is endless! Trust me, you can literally survive off of a free account for awhile too. Though I recommend getting the paid account, because you make more of the sales.

2. Class Sponsor

Class sponsors make anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to $1,000 in some of the bigger schools. I avoid the junior and senior positions, because they’re a lot more work, then I want to be putting in outside of school. But the freshman and sophomore positions require little to no work, and its like making passive income. Now, if your school is smart, they pay their junior and senior class sponsors more. So if you don’t mind putting on prom, planning for graduation, or building a float. It might be worth it to you, to be an upper classman sponsor.

3. House, Kid or Pet sit

Before I was married, this was easier. I was in the military and in my evenings and weekends, I would use to meet prospective families. I would make anywhere from $150-200 bucks a week. Which isn’t bad, if you keep it up throughout the year. Around the holidays, pet and house sitting is extremely lucrative. Ways to promote your services that I have tried are:, church bulletin boards, and the nextdoor app.  I wrote a post about this in December, but this is a back by popular demand topic. (and I have tried new options!)

4. Start on Tik Tok

Now tik tok may seem a little intimidating, but its actually super easy to learn, and once you learn which hashtags are popular, its really easy to gain traction. My hubs runs a youtube channel on hunting games, and just posting little shorts has really helped him a lot.

For me, I post under @joyfitteacher about my teacher lifestyle, and I literally just started, but I already have a small following. (and I am in my 30s) So this is not remotely familiar to me. I have heard that Podcasting is super easy to get into, and while it isn’t my niche, I have friends that do it and do it super well! I recommend this pod cast.  

She is my coach and mentor, and I love learning about how to be a better edupreneur from her tips and tricks! I am not profitable on Tik Tok, but I have so many teacher friends who are. Learn how you can make money here from Tik Tok. 

5. Exercising Dogs

As a teacher dog mom, I know the struggle about having the energy to walk my dog at the end of the day; even though I know that they need it. If we know that its a problem for us, then you know others also have this problem. I have been a dog exerciser and there are some definite benefits here. Think about it, if you like the outdoors, you could charge based on the intensity of the walk or length.

$50 for a 30 minute walk or hike. Say you did this four times in a week, that is potentially 10K a year. Not a bad side hustle eh? (You can even charge them for the drive time!) & if you want to outsource, why not hire some of your track/cross country or any of your sports kids?

You can get started with this by sharing with your district, church bulletins, nextdoor and

Let me know how else you have made money on the side!

Love ya,


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