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by Misty Weatherford
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Just before I graduated high school in 2008, I saw a film, that literally changed the course of my life; freedom writers. If you have never seen it, and you need a little inspiration, that is the film to watch. In high school, I had always loved kids! I had babysat, read to kids at the library as the assistant children’s librarian, and helped latchkey kids with their homework, before their parents got off work. I had always dreamed of being a teacher, but I also had a heart for adventure, which led me to join the Army; But I never lost the dream to teach.

After I medically retired in 2014, I knew that I wanted to finally fulfill the dream that started in high school. So I applied to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, and got into their 5 year teaching program. Which I highly recommend, they are amazing! Hands down, I would recommend them 10x over. (Click the link below to see if UCCS is the right fit for you!)

Just like any teaching program, there were definite stressors, but it was worth it! Freedom Writers, the movie, inspired me. When I joined the Army, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me, and as a teacher, I was continuing this dream.

That movie always stuck with me, because it was based on a true story, and a true mission. That kids, no matter their circumstances, had potential. They just needed someone there to help them with that vision!

A part of my teaching program was observing for 90 hours in the classroom, before even being able to teach. This time was such a blast. Even though it was something that I had to have in order to even be accepted, it was worth it. So many of my friends figured out that teaching wasn’t for them during these observations, which is so good. No one should be in teaching, because its, “convenient” or “as a last resort”. You deserve to be in a career field that you are passionate about and brings you joy. On the flip side, the kids should not be tortured, because you decided teaching was the, “easy job”.

Teaching is emotionally and physically draining, we don’t get paid well, but no one gets into teaching for the money. We get into it for the fame… just kidding. We get into it, because we love helping and supporting kids. Please if you hear nothing else in this post, please hear this. You deserve happiness, if teaching doesn’t bring it, please do not join the field. One more PSA, the content will not get you through the hard days, the kids will. If they are your reason, then keep pushing towards teaching.

I have been asked to consider administration, but the jobs that administration have to deal with, that is the part of teaching that I am not a fan of.  Parents, paperwork, etc.

I love the kids, and supporting them where they are! I love teaching them new things, perspectives, and encouraging them. If that is you, please stay in this profession, because we need more teachers that care and love on the kids in this world. They are our future, and the future is bright!

Thank you for being a teacher!

As a thank you, here is a list of my free lessons in my store:

Economics, government, geography, history

Economics, government, geography, history

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