Beat Migraines Head on

by Misty Weatherford

My Favorite Remedy

Are your migraines limiting your life?

Hey teachers, welcome to my article on pain relief for migraines! I am a third year social studies teacher, an Army veteran and a chronic migraine sufferer! The links within this article are affiliate links, which just means at no cost to you, I get a small percentage if you decide to make a purchase. 

It is so tough dragging yourself out of bed with a migraine or even teaching through it. I totally get it! but what can you do?

First of all, figuring out why you get them is always a great start. Mine stem from injuries from my time in the Army. I had a horse accident in 2012, and from that I have nerve damage in my neck and back. Which means when I have a flare up, a migraine is likely on its way.

I have tried all kinds of medication, but I am sensitive to a lot of medication and honestly, I don’t want to rely on medication the rest of my life. So I have been looking for more natural solutions.

Here are my tips: 

  1. Keep the lights in your classroom partially or all off and use natural light instead, or lamps. This will actually bring a more calming atmosphere to your classroom and often times less behavior issues.
  2. Use a diffuser for calming anti-inflammatory scents. If you are looking for quality oils, I have friends in Colorado who would be happy to help you. I will provide their web address.
  3. Wear soft clothing. I have no idea why this helps, other than just a mental relaxation technique, but it does. I generally wear soft clothing anyways, but I have a few soft cardigans that are my go to’s. I love these sweaters! I Have one in black and a maroon/pink color.
  4. Have a fan (this is the one that I have, and I am in such love, its what I am getting my Para for Christmas) or blanket nearby at/around your desk. I tend to get hot, when I have a bad migraine and this is huge. I have a fan that plugs into my computer and I use this to just help me breathe, when its really bad.
  5. Have Ibuprofen, your favorite headache roller, and a CBD tincture. If the THC bothers you, remember that you can get CBD without THC in it. I personally, do a sublingual CBD under my tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. This helps take the edge off and then I do a roller on my forehead.

If you click on the CBD or roller, and you still aren’t quite sure, maybe a 30% coupon would help? If you use the code: JOY30, you can get 30% off your order.

This helped me decide to try it, and I never looked back!

This company is Colorado based and they use the best quality ingredients. I love them so much! CBD drastically changed the frequency of my migraines and for that I am eternally grateful! 🙂

These are my tips and tricks on how to soothe your migraines in the classroom! I hope these helped 🙂

Love you!


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