Ideas for Meal Prep

by Misty Weatherford
Potato Fries

As teachers, after making thousands of decisions, making up meal prep ideas on a weekend, makes week nights so much easier. Because on the fly, coming up with meals is just a pain after a long day in the classroom, and one more thing on our plates; and we do not need anything else on our plates. But what does meal prep look like?

I’m mostly paleo, but my hubs needs carbs, so where do we meet in the middle? We do quite a bit of sweet potato fries, we love the roots brand. I love that their mission is sustainable, and their food is clean of all of the crap that sometimes comes in frozen foods. For instance, I bought a different brand,  before I discovered roots and they put cane sugar in them. Why is that necessary? I was so mad. Here I was trying to eat clean, and they put sugar in them; but roots is safe.

We use our air fryer a lot, its easy, and I can dump the fries in with a little oil and my carbs are good. The hubs loves sweet potatoes, and I can eat them, so we eat those as our shared carbs. Sometimes, I will make him rice, or add the meal to a tortilla. I don’t usually eat either of those, but they are easy meal prep helpers.

A part of my meal prep, is prepping 4-6 different meat options. For this week, I am prepping shrimp, cubed pork, ground beef, and chuck roast. Once the meat is cooked and out of the way, I know that all that I need to do this week is add the carbs and veggies. We try to have a meat, carb (generally low carb), and veggie option. The hubs protein goal is 50 grams of protein per meal, which is what our general meal goal is.

My favorite kitchen tools are: crock pot liners, crock pot, and air fryer. I have yet to try the air fryer liners, if you have I would love to hear you experience with them!

Air Fryer

I also adore my silicone spatulas. They don’t scratch my pans, and being a sound sensitive person, they aren’t noisy while I cook.

Additionally, I am working to switch us over to glass tupperware. I work hard to make sure our kitchen is as reuse safe as possible. My mom got me some of these for Christmas last year, and we have since found them at walmart and added more. You can also get them on Amazon here.

The biggest part of meal prep is the plan. Make a plan and make it happen. The hardest part of a meal prep plan, is sticking to it. Once you complete it, you will be so thankful when you come home throughout the week! Trust me!

Need a Crock Pot?! This is just like the one that we have!


Happy Cooking my friends!

Love ya,


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