Summer Planning

by Misty Weatherford

What a crazy weird year right? Well now its summer, so what now? Well, I will tell you as a person going into her third year, that as much as I love a little break, I also use the summer to refresh my curriculum.

Lets face it, some things work and some things just don’t. So what do you do? Well first, I refresh my knowledge of the state and international standards for my curriculum. Then I look at my unit breakdowns and see if I can dig a little deeper.

Then I start creating! but I will be honest, until I try it in the classroom, or get feedback from my TPT store, I just do my best to be as thorough as possible.

In the summer, I try to also dig a little deeper into topics that I didn’t get to cover as deep as I would have liked. I think about engagement and differentiation.

I try to modify my content, so that I have at least 1-2 movement breaks within instruction. I also look at how I can challenge my higher and lower level learners. How can I make both of them feel valued, challenged and supported?

How do you unpack new lessons? I love hearing new ways to create new lessons for my class, so please share!



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