The Top 3 Teacher Planners

by Misty Weatherford

As a teacher, planning is our everything, and when running an education blog, planning is more than everything. I plan pins, posts to social media and the blog; and having a good planner makes, or breaks my routines that keep me healthy, and on track in all areas of my life.

If you feel like you have been really behind or just cannot get your groove? First of all, give yourself a little grace! Second, get yourself a planner that works for you! I have three that are absolute favorites in my building and we are such a diverse group of people, so please choose the one that matches you best!

  1. The Bullet Journal: Some people love a good bullet journal. I have heard, this journal is perfect for the creative souls out there!

This next planner is designed for teachers! It has gorgeous designs (which make me more inclined to be consistent), assignment trackers, notes pages, and best of all, it can be personalized! Which I LOVE!

2. The Erin Condren Planner:

This next planner, is one of my absolute favorites and my planner from last year! It is a Bloom planner, which is the twin sister and rival to Erin Condren planners. It is customizable, it has helpful tools like a grade book spread, dividers, colorful images, and links to other helpful tools. For me, it was so worth it!

3. The Bloom Planner:

This year

I chose a planner created by a teacher and I am never going back! I am not an affiliate for it, but OMG I am in so much love with it! Here is the link:

Whichever planner you choose, remember planning is all about consistency and creating systems within that consistency. Also, be open to change each year.

For instance, this year I am focusing on my social media presence alot more, so my goals, have a lot of social focus, while also tending to my site and in class lessons.

You have to choose a planner, which will serve your year goals, the best!

Also, the links on this post are affiliate links. Which just means that if you click them and order through that link. That I get a small percent of the profit, so that I can keep making great content like this!

Which will help you keep being your awesome self! A win win for us both 🙂

Love you bunches!



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