Teaching during a Pandemic

by Misty Weatherford

Teaching in my district has changed drastically for me this year! We are taking temperatures at the door, we are all in masks and we are as social distanced as you can be in a school.

The kids were on it the first few weeks and extremely over it lately. I don’t blame them. Emotions are hard to see behind a mask, and emotions and facial expressions lead our lives and how we interact within the world.

One positive, is my class size. It’s small, and I get to have more interactions with my students individually, because of its size. I also have less behavior issues, because my class sizes are so small.

but I miss my crazy classes. My teacher brain doesn’t know what to do, with five kids, when my normal is 25.

If you are a teacher during this time, remember to give yourself grace. You will make mistakes, just like any other year, but there are only so many things you can control.

Love yourself, take time for you, and everything else will fall into place!



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