Healthy Despite a Pandemic

by Misty Weatherford

I gained almost 20 pounds since March of 2020. It’s not something I have shared with a lot of people, because I was absolutely ashamed of my lack of progress and discipline, while COVID was on the rise and I learned how to teach and reach my students online.

Now I am finally get back on the wagon so to speak and being consistent. But what does that even look like as a teacher? I know that my greatest weaknesses are snacks, and eating what is handy, when I am exhausted.

So what did I do? I keep all kinds of healthy fats in my desk: chia seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds. Skinny popcorn, apple sauce (no sugar added) packs and so much more handy. I also plan like a mad woman!

I choose a day of the week to grocery shop and a separate day to meal plan. Meaning generally I grocery shop Saturday, and meal plan on Sunday!

I start meal planning on! I personally do low carb, high fat, and look for those kinds of recipes. Then I make a list of my ingredients and order online. Online ordering is best for me, because then I don’t come away with more, which helps keep me in my budget. And I don’t come away with junk food!

Meal Planning is Freeing!

Love you bunches!



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