How to take Back your Teaching Game Today!

by Misty Weatherford

Anyone else out there either starting school online or in the classroom and struggling to focus on teaching; versus all of our extra roles right now? You are beyond not alone!

At first, all of the extra jobs that we had to take on in schools seems overwhelming. After awhile, we get into a routine, but how much is that routine taking out of us? Are you ready to take back your sanity?

As teachers we are natural planners (for the most part) or we have trained ourselves to plan more. So how can we plan, when our fate is in the hands of state legislatures? We have three things in our control in this time: content, kids, and our mindset.

1. Kids

No matter what the world throws our way, we still have kids in our care that need our love and care. If you are online still, I am so sorry, but one way I survived that, was scheduling zooms with my students. I used that time to speak into their lives, and help them through their own challenges. Which helped me focus less on my own or put my own into perspective.

2. Content

Focus on your state standards, and backwards plan the content based on how much time that you have. I have a post dedicated to Backwards planning, for any new teachers out there!

For me, I had to drastically change what I am able to teach in a year, because we are on a hybrid schedule. The kids come to school twice a week. It is a change, an adjustment, but at least we are in person.

A bonus for this, is that I get to spend more time on subjects I am passionate about, like the constitution and the Dirty Wars in South America. Even though we are a standards based school, there is a little bit of wiggle room in that this year.


Yes I put that in caps, because despite a pandemic and a different form of teaching, you matter. You have to focus on you, and your health. You getting burnt out, does nothing for the kids. You cannot pour into their lives, if you have nothing left.

Give yourself grace, you will mess up in this time. Your planning is likely thrown completely off, and if you are a planner like me, that really messes with your brain! Forgive yourself, and adjust fire when need be. No one expects perfection in this time. You are worth giving another chance to do your best.

Try to focus on things that bring you joy, and gives you a breath of fresh air. For me that is working out, spending time with my chickens or dogs, and playing call of duty with my husband. My joy bringers, will look different then yours. That is for you to define!

Now, I suggest putting these things on paper, and practicing them daily! I promise they have helped me immensely and I look forward to hearing how they have helped you!



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