Government Basics Bundle

by Misty Weatherford

In my first year of teaching government, I was learning pretty much at the same pace as the students. Which is pretty normal for a first year teacher, but when I started selling resources, I hoped that people who used my resources, wouldn’t feel like that. That they could feel maybe a couple of steps ahead.

Maybe you grew up in a house where they discussed politics, but we tended to avoid “hot topics” like politics. My parents are great, but politics is just not something we discussed. I grew up thinking that politics caused tension, so it wasn’t worth getting all hot and bothered about.

Then I started teaching it and I fell head over heels in love! There is so much that I continue to learn on a daily basis, but one thing is for sure, I know more than I did the first year I started teaching it and I ADORE it.

This packet that I have in my store is chalk full of opportunity to engage with your students at their level, but also to add a little challenge too!

Included are:

  • AP Challenges of the Articles of Confederation (worksheet)
  • AP Federalists vs. Anti Federalists (Essay Prompt and Primary source analysis)
  • Primary source analysis of the Declaration of Independence
  • A power point on the foundations of Democracy
  • Types of Democracy worksheet
  • Bill of Rights Poem Creation
  • Declaration of Independence basics Power Point

You could easily make this into a foundations of government unit, and its only 20$!

I wish I could go back and give this to myself when I first started teaching government, it has helped me since, and I will never go back to using anything but these. All of my resources are based on the College Board AP standards, NCSS standards. Which means that they apply to all states! 🙂

Here are some examples!

Teacher instructions, so that there is no question about what to do next!
Worksheet with links and instructions, so that students know what to do and when to do it!
Power Point fun!

The best part, is that there are literally 7 lessons included, that could be multiple day assignments/activities!

Also, always reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all, my email is:



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