Backwards Planning

by Misty Weatherford

Backwards planning, Is a buzzword used in college, but how important is it really? I would personally say it is the path to an aligned lesson, which is what schools are looking for.

Most schools direct you to put the standards you use for each lesson on the wall. Using Blooms Taxonomy words like: Analyze, describe, or Identify. The best part of backwards planning, is that it starts with the standards. If you start there, the “hard work” is done for you.

A standard will tell you: Your blooms words, essential questions, what to test on, and what the standard is. Always start at the standard! let’s break it down:

Colorado Department of Education, standard 1 (history) 1. Use the historical method of inquiry to formulate compelling questions, evaluate primary and secondary sources, analyze and interpret data, and argue for an interpretation defended by textual evidence.

From this standard I know my Blooms word needs to be: Evaluate, analyze and interpret.

The activity needs to involve primary/secondary sources, and students need to practice how to argue/debate a topic while using those sources.

Example lesson: Debate

Debate Question: Should the constitution be changed?

Essential Question: Analyze the constitution and Identify your bias for changing the constitution.

Do you see why it all starts at the standard now? It is essential to any solid plan. Another solid need for making a good plan, is a planner and consistency. Every person plans differently! Trust me, my sister loves bullet journals, but for me, I need more!

Check out my post about the three most popular planners at my school:

I hope this helped!



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